Unique Beauty

Sometimes as women, you take on the tasks of taking care of everything else.  As moms, wives, employees or business owners, sports cheerleaders for our children, taxis, chefs, and housekeepers...(the list goes on forever).  You put yourselves on the back burner.  I want to help you bring some of those pieces back off the shelves, dust them off, and reinsert them back into you.  I want you to permit yourself to give to yourself, love on yourself, and with our hair and makeup artists, stylists, and studio-style closet...feel pampered again.  My team and I will help you look and feel gorgeous.

I photograph women who tend to hate being in front of the camera and having photos of themselves taken.  Here, we make it fun and easy, you're going to look and feel incredible, and with that combination, you will have images that you look beautiful in and feel proud of.  Photos that will encourage all the positive self-talk you deserve and create a portal back to the time when you felt all the beautiful emotions that come with it.

I invite you to do your personalized photoshoot with me.  There are very few certainties in life; but I know that if I get you in front of my camera for a Unique Beauty session, that you will have some of the most meaningful, emotional, fulfilling photos that you have ever seen yourself in, and that is my absolute greatest joy. 

Take a look at these courageous women, who made the decision to put themselves first.